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Lan Na-Kenya relations
Lanna 800px-Flag of Kenya
Flags of Lan Na and Kenya
Diplomatic Mission
Lanna Embassy of Lan Na, Dodoma, Tanzania, also acts as a consulate for Kenyan matters
Lanna Lao Sutasanachinda, also acts as consul for Kenyan matters
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Lannese-Kenyan relations refers to the relations between the Kingdom of Lan Na and the People's Republic of Kenya. Lan Na has no formal relations with Kenya since 1968, due to Kenya's participation the the Lannese Communist Insurgence between 1966 and 1968, where Kenya committed severe war crimes against Lan Na. The Lannese Bureau of Tourism issues the advice not to travel to Kenya, out of safety measures and because Lan Na has no official presence there.

Country comparison

Lanna Kingdom of Lan Na 800px-Flag of Kenya People's Republic of Kenya
Population 86,384,200 45,010,056
Area (total area according to Encyclopædia Britannica) 300,000 km2 581,309 km2
Capital Son Ga Nairobi
Largest City Son Ga Nairobi
Government Constitutional monarchy Dominant Party socialist presidential republic
First Leader King Mangrai the Great President Sizwe Oluwakanyinsola
Current Leader King Pasan Keacham Sarawong High Commissar Abidemi Oluwakanyinsola
Official languages Northern Thai, Thai Swahili
Main religions Buddhism State Atheism, Christianity, Islam, Native religions
Ethnic and racial groups Northern Thai people
Thai people
Tagalog people
GDP (2014 estimate) $1.552 Trillion $125.7 billion
Gini (2014) 33.5 36.2
HDI (2014) 0.840 0.541
Currency Lannese Sawk (Ѧ) Kenyan Shilling
Expatriates and immigrants None None
Military Troops 180,000 active personnel, 340,000 in reserve  ?
English Speakers 57 million 42 million
(Mobile Phones)
86 million  ?





Foreign and military policy

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