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Lan Na-Turkey relations
Lanna Flag of the Democratic Republic of Turkey
Flags of Lan Na and Turkey
Diplomatic Mission
Flag of the Democratic Republic of Turkey Turk Embassy in Son Ga
Lanna Lannese Embassy in Ankara
Lanna Leekpai Poolvaraluck
(Lannese ambassador to Ankara)
Flag of the Democratic Republic of Turkey Alphan Yesil
(Turk ambassador to Son Ga)
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Foreign relations of Lan Na
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Lannese-Turkish relations refers to the relations between the Kingdom of Lan Na and the Democratic Republic of Turkey. Relations have been tense due to Lan Na's disapproval of Turkey's Uzunist regime and the violation of human rights. While Lan Na had closed it's embassy in Ankara multiple times in the past out of protest, but reopened it eventually. The Lannese Bureau of Tourism issues the advice not to travel to Turkey, out of safety measures.

Country comparison

Lanna Kingdom of Lan Na Flag of the Democratic Republic of Turkey Democratic Republic of Turkey
Population 86,384,200 86,134,864
Area (total area according to Encyclopædia Britannica) 300,000 km2 862,298 km2
Capital Son Ga Ankara
Largest City Son Ga Istanbul – 14,201,976 (2014 estimate)
Government Constitutional monarchy Uzunist single-party state
First Leader King Mangrai the Great Abdülmecid Darıcıoğlu
Current Leader King Pasan Keacham Sarawong Şahnaz Uzun
Official languages Northern Thai, Thai Turkish
Main religions Buddhism 98.7% Islam, 1 %Atheism, 0.3% other
Ethnic and racial groups Northern Thai people
Thai people
Tagalog people
Kurds, Arabs
Turkish Cypriots
Greek Cypriots
GDP (PPP) (2014 estimate) $1.552 Trillion $1.5987 trillion
Gini (2014) 33.5 46.4
HDI (2014) 0.840 0.723
Currency Lannese Sawk (Ѧ) Turkish lira (₺)
Expatriates and immigrants 20 Lannese living in Turkey 12 Turks living in Lan Na
Military Troops 180,000 active personnel, 340,000 in reserve  ?
English Speakers 57 million  ?
(Mobile Phones)
86 million  ?





Foreign and military policy

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