Lance Tullow

Lance Tullow was a small-time mercenery who was a lieutenant of the Black Angels. He was born a peasent in northern Emeria, in a wattle-and-daub hovel. He lived fast and died young, aged 29. He was prone to going by gut feeling, and rarely thought things through. He died in the town of Sudborough after a brawl with a man, who's wife he had slept with.

Personality and Apperance

Lance was always cocky, which barely changed over his life. He was opptumistic, and always had a smile on his face. He was a serial womanizer, often charming many women. Lance was very self-serving, but he does rarely help others in need. Lance does not visit his family, who Lance says 'are like ghosts to me'. The only 'woman' Lance loves his his bow, which calls 'Kalena'. 

Lance had long, brown hait which reached his shoulders. He had a tall, slim frame, standing near six foot. He had bright green eyes, which were very good at seeing distant objects. He was muscular, especialy on his arms. He was clean-shaven, with a handsome face. He had a straight nose, and a chelft on his chin.  

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