Lancia delta 2011
2011 Chrysler Voyager

The Lancia Delta is a large family cross car produced by Lancia. It is also made as the Chrysler Voyager in North America. The Delta/Voyager was conceived in 2008 as a way to save costs during the recession and to introduce a single design globally. Design of the car was undertaken in Chrysler's California design studios and the final product was finished by Lancia in Torino.

Chrysler Voyager

The Voyager has some different specifications when compared to the Delta. The car was reinforced in the front and rear to comply with stricter North American safety standards. The car also features standard side airbags (in Europe only the front ones are mandatory). The car comes with a fusion engine in the Union of Everett, but in Cascadia and the Allied States an internal combustion engine is the main powerplant, which is able to run on gasoline and BG100.


The Delta is assembled in Lancia's Zaragoza or Turin plants and the Voyager is made in Detroit.

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