Land jaf se Wyvern
English: English: Land of the Wyvern
The Wyvern Banner of Wessex, which shows the national symbol of Wessex, the Wyvern

National anthem of Wessexflag Wessex
Lyrics Katé Watsson, 1907
Music Edward Elger, 1902
Adopted 1907

The Land jaf se Wyvern (English: Land of the Wyvern) is the national anthem of Wessex, and has been since 1907. The anthem is sung to the tune of Land of Hope and Glory, and was written by Wessen poet, Katé Watsson. The tune which is a modified version of Land of Hope of Glory, was originally written in 1902 by British composer, Edward Elger. 


Wessen English

Land jaf se Wyvern,

Ham jaf se freo, Jeð fara se hẃa, Hẃil nefre ẃesan bha héfiǵ eft, Bréda, ond bréda lust mirs mér beo þó  Farðar ond farðar lust mirs jan,

Farðar ond farðar lust mirs jan.

Land of the Wyvern

Home of the free We are those who, will never be oppressed again, Wider and wider shall our bounds be set Futher and further shall we go 

Further and further shall we go.