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Lanese Confederation
Confederati Lanese
Flag of Lanese Confederation
Motto: Uno div Molti
(One for Many)
Anthem: Ivon ceuro apre alla tun cimata
(My heart opens to your call)
Location of Lana
Capital Alessi (de facto)
Largest city Parine
Official languages Lanean
Ethnic groups

Demonym Laneso
Government Congressional confederation
Lola Alamenez
Legislature Confederation Congress
• Establishment
4300 BNC
• 2013 estimate
550,000,000 (4th)
• 2010 census
GDP (PPP) 2013 estimate
• Total
ƒ14.135 trillion
• Per capita
GDP (nominal) 2013 estimate
• Total
ƒ12.870 trillion
• Per capita
Gini (2013) 23.4
low · 2nd
HDI 0.967
very high · 2nd
Currency Lanese florin (ƒ) (LAF)
Drives on the right
Calling code +2
Internet TLD .la

The Lanese Confederation (Lanean: Confederati Lanese or simply Lana) is a sovereign state located in northeastern Laneum. Lana borders the Community of Sadenist Federated Republics to the west, the Levanto Ocean to the south and east, and the Noro Ocean to the north. Along with the Federation of Shijet, the Lanese Confederation is completely contiguous in its territorial control.

Lana is a confederation of five largely autonomous Cantons, all of which are unified under a singular, small national government. The national government is composed entirely of the Confederation Congress which only has power over the four national responsibilities: home affairs, foreign affairs, defense, and equal justice. Two representatives of each Canton are sent to the Congress, one being the leader of the Canton and a second being the elected representative to the Congress alone. The Congress is headed by the Prime Minister, who is selected from the Congress itself every year. A Congress holds power for ten years, allowing each representative to have held the position of Prime Minister once. Every other area of governance not assigned to the national government is a responsibility of the Canton, and inter-canton associations not relating to the four areas of national governance are managed by the Cantons themselves. These governmental procedures are regulated by the Constitution, which can only be amended with unanimous Congress approval and a popular vote in every Canton which results in the amendment being passed by every Canton. The current Constitution has been upheld for nearly 115 years, with the last amendment being passed in 1898.

The Lanese Confederation has a developed economy based on a mixture of secondary and tertiary economic activities. Lana has an export based economy, importing some raw materials and mainly exporting finished consumer goods and some industrial products. Tourism is also a major benefactor to the Lanese economy, with the major tourist areas in the country being the entire canton of Mognac, northern Lanem, and coastal Portune. The governments of the cantons regulate the majority of corporatism throughout the nation, resulting in a mixture of regionalism and nationalism in the economic layout of the country. The quality of life in Lana is high, though the standard of living is moderate, and the cost of living is low. Lana is also a major world cultural center, a center of world arts, and a leader in world diplomacy.

Lana enjoys well relations with the world, and it is a founding member of the <World Congress>. <Relations>.