Langley Ridge Road
Station statistics
Address 110 E. Langley Ridge Road
Green Line
Levels 1
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Other information
Opened February 25, 1951
Accessible Wheelchair symbol
Code G1
Owned by Londinium-Frontier Transport

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Green Line

Langley Ridge Road is a Londinium Subway station in Londinium's Langley Ridge neighborhood, on the Green Line. Langley Ridge Road station is situated between Faulkner Court Square on the City Loop and Madoka Woods Way stations. It is located at the intersection of Langley Ridge Road and Pulaski Street in the near northeastern side of the city. It is the first station northbound on the Green Line outside of the City Loop and the first station north of the Aerelon River. It was also one of the first stations built, along the original subway line from the Loop to East Forest Haven station opened on February 25, 1951.

Langley Ridge Road was proposed as a part of the first extension of the subway outside of the central loop during initial planning phases, but was eventually built as a part of the initial subway line from the City Loop to East Forest Haven. It was one of three stations outside of the Loop built during that phase. Langley Ridge consists of an underground island platform, with two tracks. Its aboveground entrance is served by several municipal buslines running along Langley Ridge Road itself.