There's many different language and dialects spoken over all Nelàm, but the majority can speak the Herjo language. Herjish is like our english, it's simply the basic language. It's taughted in almost every country all over the world, even the orc countries. The special letter in herjish is the ` sign.


The only special thing in herjish is the ` sign. It's only allowed when a G appear after the letter, or if the same letter or not a letter at all is afterwards.

Examples ; Sereò and Mimomèg.


The orcish language is commun only within the orcs themselves. Their only special letter is the ^ sign. It's only allowed on vowel letters (A, E, I, O, U and Y) and creates a vocal K after the sign.

Examples ; Lêtam (Lektham) and Khâ (Khak)


The elvish is has it similarities from our latin. There's no any special letters then from our owns. The pronounces would be the difference.

Examples ; Quep (Qu-ep) and Tavc (Tvac)


The doxterian language is an ancient language that isn't spoken by alot of people. It's said to be a language spoken by the Gods and to be holy. All the doxterian countries (except Pipe Island) wears their name in the ancient language.

Examples ; Ïtug (ihTug) (Safety) and Rekïr (RehkhR) (Forest)

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