Lanioki Brotherhood
Lanioki Vokadara
Also known as The Vokadara
Major actions 1702 ANC–present
Leader(s) N/A

  • Liberation of lost Ixanian territories
  • Cultural and political rights for the Lanioki
Active region(s) Throughout the world
Ideology Xianism
Status Active
Size Unknown; believed to be between 80–100,000 worldwide
Annual revenue ƒ680 million (₳24.528 billion)
Means of revenue

  • Unofficial support from the Ixanian government
  • Contributions from members and supporters
  • Unclassified transactions
The Lanioki Brotherhood, better known as the Vokadara, is a quasi-political and militant organization operating out of the major nations of the world. It is known to operate in nations with a large diaspora population of Ixanians, known as the Lanioki, and fights for the liberation of lands taken from the Ixanians several thousands of years ago, as well as the betterment of the lives of tens of millions of Ixanians oppressed and discriminated against throughout the globe. It is viewed with utmost respect by Ixanians at home and abroad, and supported in whatever actions it attempts to achieve by supporters wherever it can be found.

Because of the danger Ixanians are forced to face throughout their lives overseas, as well as their refusal to leave lands which were historically their's, the Vokadara is heavily involved in protecting them at all costs, and taking legal action against those who would harm them. Originally, the organization was not afraid to wipe out entire population centers, one such example being in 1900 ANC in the Sadenist city of Geernval, where more than half a million citizens were killed in response to the murder of 11,000 Ixanians by the Sadenist. Today, however, the Vokadara has taken the diplomatic approach to win their battles.

Regarded as honorable heroes throughout the Ixanian world, the Vokadara spearheads the legal battles faced by the Ixanian diaspora around the world. The Vokadara has been fighting for many decades to end the forced settlement of Ixanians in the CSFR and gain additional rights for Ixanians in the Lana Confederation. Today, the organization maintains branch offices in nearly every major city across the planet, where Ixanians abroad and at home and contact Vokadara officials for assistance and legal as well as political advice on subjects regarding a particularly sensitive matter. The organization was recently endosed by Tazen Xevan Xo'Varshaioko, who has stated his admiration for the Vokadara.