Lannese Communist Insurgence
Lan Na Armed Forces in a firefight with the Lannese People's Forces near Naung Kung
Date April 12, 1966 - September 20, 1968
Location Tajong Star, Kingdom of Lan Na
Result Kingdom of Lan Na victory
Lanna Kingdom of Lan Na
Th-army-flag Lan Na Armed Forces
Supported by
Flag of the United States United States
Lanna socialist People's Republic of Southern Lan Na
Lannese People's Forces
Mplaflag Marxist Party of Lan Na
Troop support
Communist Manchuria flag Manchuria
Supported by
Flag of the Soviet Union svg Soviet Union
Flag of PR China People's Republic of China
Flag of Vietnam North Vietnam
Flag of Cuba Cuba
Commanders and leaders
Lanna Kasemchai Yongjaiyut
Lanna Dilok Diskul
Lanna Nak Choosak
Lanna socialist Ubol Chanpakdee
Lanna socialist Suntarankul Pornpipatpong
Lanna socialist Phaibun Ho'thai
Lanna socialist Praewphan Vilailuck
Communist Manchuria flag Xu Xiaobao
145,000 20,000
Casualties and losses
12,473 killed 8,746 killed
13,193 civilians killed

The Lannese Communist Insurgence was a communist rebellion between 12 April 1966 and 20 September 1968 in the province of Tajong Star, led by the former Marxist Party of Lan Na chairman Ubol Chanpakdee and the Lannese People's Forces' commander Suntarankul Pornpipatpong. The rebellion was sparked by Lan Na's involvement in the Vietnam war. Chairman Chanpakdee saw a chance to create his own communist state on the island of Chaiyarat, from which he would stage an invasion of the whole Phillipine archipelago with a part of the Lannese army abroad. Due to a failed attack on a military base, the MPLA and the LPF did not get much further than Chanpakdee's home province, Tajong Star. After two years of fighting, with heavy losses on both sides, Ubol Chanpakdee surrendered to the Lan Na Armed Forces and was sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment.