Her Majesty Lara of Kobidar
Queen Lara in 1994
Queen of Kobidar
Reign 1957 - Present
Predecessor Kristjana of Kobidar
Born December 11, 1936
Vaastväk, Kobidar
Spouse Jón Jakobsson
Issue Hannes
House Thiostarson
Father Ingimar Gunnurson
Mother Kristjana of Kobidar
Religion Roman Catholic
Signature Lara Signature1.png

Lara (Lara of Kobidar; Icelandic: Lara, Drottning Kobidar) is the current Queen of Kobidar.

Early Life

Lara was born December 11, 1936 in Vaastväk, Kobidar to Queen Kristjana of Kobidar and her husband, Duke Ingimar Gunnurson. She was the first and only child of Kristjana, much to the disappointment of the Royal Family, who were hoping for a Prince. Lara grew up in the Royal Palace in Vaastväk, and at 18, went to Vaastväk University

Adult Reign

In 1957, Kristjana died of heart failure and Lara became Queen. She married her college love Jón Jakobsson in 1961, and they had their only son, Prince Hannes in 1964. In the late 1960s, Lara helped defend Iceland with troops during the Cod War, which prompted good political relations with the country through the next three decades. During the Gulf  War, Lara sent 2,000 troops to aid in the combat. Many critically criticized the action, as the death toll was near 300. After that, Kobidar passed a law stating that only the Prime Minister could declare war, along with the vote of the Counsel. However, this did not stop Lara from suggesting to join in on wars. 

War of the Pan-Handle