Laurenzia or Island Of Laurenzia is an island nation in the south pacific ocean. The nation consists of 4 islands, Laurenzia, -------, -------, --------. The nation itself was created by a volcano eruption causing land to move upwards creating Laurenzia. The capital, by the name of Los Bavaros is located on the east coast in The Bay Of Riches. The estimated population rounds off to 2.8 million people of whom 1.8 live in the capital, Los Bavaros.


The island was created by a volcanic eruption in 1920, and was first sighted by an scout ship by the name of Palatia in January, 1940. The ship originated from New Zealand and was guided by female captain Lauren Tytun. She mapped the islands and sailed back to New Zealand where a claim was set on the islands. The first settlers arrived in 1941 and created the first farms in the East Coast Bay. When they tried to create wells in the area they did not found water but oil. They sent a letter to the New Zealand Parliament and they sent engineers to analyze the oil. When they arrived they found the massive oil reserve and they created the first drills to extract the oil. They Named the bay accordingly to the reserve underneath it, The Bay Of Riches. They created a plan for a massive oil rig in the bay, it was to become a massive structure in the bay which could extract extreme loads of oil per day, it was fully completed in may, 1943 and was operational the month after. Scientists estimated the reserve to be empty in 2013. Because of the need for employees big luxe houses were created in the bay which became the capital of Los Bavaros. The rising population made it to a fully operational city with schools and other necessary services. By the year of 2008 chaos arose because of the decreasing reserve which was the only income to the island. To calm the population, Micheal Daros was appointed as governor. He succesfully calmed the population and created a project, in this project he made industrial and agricultural areas for people to work and provide another source of income. Governor Daros made this island self sufficient and created a reliable source of income. By 2011, the reserve was dry and the island hit chaos, because of the empty reserve, New Zealand wanted to abandon the island and take the people back to the mainland. The population created big riots in the city, Governor Daros stepped out of office and returned willingly to the mainland.

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