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The legal system of the Kingdom of Washingtonia takes its inspiration from both the French (civil law) and American (common law) legal systems respectively, making it a mixed or bijuridical system. The most important source of law is the Constitution, which is the supreme law within the Kingdom. Taking inspiration from the French system, the law of Washingtonia can be divided into four categories, namely: private law, criminal law, administrative and constitutional.

Administrative and constitutional law are largely overlapped, both dealing with the procedures, rights and responsibilities and affairs of the government. Private law (also known as civil law, however, distinguished from the 'civil law systems') deals with affairs considered to be within the private domain, such as company law, contract law, family law, etc.; while criminal law deals with procedures, punishment and crimes in relation to offences deemed illegal by the Grand Washingtonian Assembly or through common/custom law. Criminal law is almost entirely codified in the Penal Code.


Main article: Constitution of the Kingdom of Washingtonia


Main article(s): Grand Washingtonian Assembly, Acts of the Grand Washingtonian Assembly

Case law

Main article(s): List of Constitutional Court cases, List of Supreme Court cases, List of Court of Appeals cases

Common law/customary law

Subjective classification

Constitutional law

Administrative law

Main article: Administrative law in Washingtonia

Private law

Main article: Private law in Washingtonia

Criminal law

Main article(s): Criminal law in Washingtonia, Penal Code of Washingtonia


Main article: Judiciary of Washingtonia

Legal profession

Main article: Legal profession in Washingtonia

See also

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