The Leader of the Opposition, formally Leader of the Official Opposition is the title of the leader of the largest party in the Georgeland parliament that does not form part of the government.

The Leader of the Opposition is not a constitutionally mandated office, and the person holding the job has no official duties. By convention, his or her job is to provide leadership for his party and present them as a 'credible alternative' to the government. The Opposition Leader is his or her their party's prime ministerial candidate during an election campaign and heads the Shadow Cabinet
The present Leader of the Opposition is The Hon. Madeline Woods, MP, Leader of the Conservative Party of Georgeland.

List of Leaders of the Georgeland Opposition

No. Name Party Assumed office Left office
1Alexander McGough Protectionist 18911897
2Nicholas Turner Protectionist 18971903
3Henry Winter Conservative 19031908
4Jack Powell Conservative 19081914
5Gregory Green Conservative 19141915
6Eric Donaldson Labour 19151920
7Oscar Lyne Labour 19201924
8Frederick Eccles Conservative 19241928
-Oscar Lyne Labour 19281933
9Jack Heath Labour 19331937
10Fenton Thomas Labour 19371938
11Harold Knight Conservative 19381944
13Henry Baker Conservative 19441948
14Bradford Smith Conservative 19481950
15Nathan Keegan Labour 19501954
16Stanley Baynes Conservative 19541958
17Peter Stephens Labour 19581967
18Victor Howard Labour 19671970
19Robert Fisch Conservative 19701979
20Noel Quarton Labour 19791983
21Eric Edge Conservative 19831987
22David O'Reilley Conservative 19871992
-Eric Edge Conservative 19871995
-Noel Quarton Labour 19951995
23Campbell Rhodes Labour 19951995
24Shawn Hedges Conservative 19951997
25Michael Fisch Conservative 19971999
 Disputed  19991
26Benedict Ingram Conservative 19992001
27Mary Byrne Conservative 20012002
-Michael Fisch Conservative 20022003
28Sam Richardson Conservative 20032006
29Luke Macaulay Conservative 20062007
-Michael Boyle Liberal Democrat 20072007
-Lawrence Porter Liberal Democrat 20072007 2
30Robin Sales Liberal Democrat 2007
31Lawrence Porter Liberal Democrat 20092010
32James Bradford Conservative 20102011
32Matthieu Solberg Conservative 20112014
33Lisa Chan Conservative 20142015
34Madeline Woods Conservative 2015'Incumbent

1Both Campbell Rhodes and Anthony McDonald, leaders of the United Islands Liberal Party and United Islands Labour Party respectively claimed they held the title of Leader of the Opposition during the second 1999 election. No conclusive answer was given until 2000, when the Georgeland Elections Office ruled that neither was Leader of the Opposition and that the position was vacant until being filled by Benedict Ingram.

2Porter was Leader of the Opposition by virtue of being the House of Commons leader of the party, but he was not the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. That position, along with Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, belonged to Robin Sales. Sales subsequently resigned from the Senate and contested a by-election in August 2007 to enter the Lower House - when this occured, he also became the official Leader of the Opposition while Porter became Deputy Leader. During Porter's period as Leader, he used the title Acting Leader of the Opposition and never claimed to be the full-time leader; thus, he is not numbered in this list.

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