League of Sovereign Nations
主权国家联盟 (cn)
جامعة الدول ذات السيادة (ar)
主権国家のリーグ (jp)
संप्रभु राष्ट्रों के लीग (hn)
Flag of the League of Sovereign Nations Emblem of the League of Sovereign Nations
Flag Emblem
Members of the the League of Sovereign Nations
Motto: United in Brotherhood
Anthem: Stand As One
Ravaxa, Ixania
Official language Xiani, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi
- Head of the League
- Secretary-General
Intergovernmental organization
Flag of Ixania Tazen Varsha Xo-Xevan
Flag of Kuroshima Queen Sūkōna Rinako
Legislature Secretariat of the League
- Ravaxa Accords

12 May 1955
- Total

- Water (%)

636,097 km²
395,252 sq mi
- 2013 estimate
- Density

599.60/sq mi
- Total
- Per capita
2012 estimate
$8,449.657 trillion
GDP (nominal)
- Total
- Per capita
2012 estimate
$9,149.768 trillion
Time Zone Various
Date formats mm-dd-yyyy (CE)
The League of Sovereign Nations, normally referred to as the League or abbreviated the LSN, is an intergovernmental military alliance consisting of nine independent nations. All members were once part of the Honorable Union of Ixania as its external dominions, from which the League developed. The League's headquarters is in Ravaxa, Ixania, the leader of the League. All nations, shared the same monarch, the Tazen of Ixania, who is the head of state of five member states.

The League was not originally intented on being used as a politicial organization, but a cultural and economical fellowship of "like-minded" nations. During the Cold War, the League grew to become an interlocking alliance of nations determined to remain sepsrate from the West's liberal ideals and the East's collectivism. The organization came to be viewed as an object that would allow its members to remain isolated from the world and its troubles, awhile sharing a common belief of superior over their neighboring countries (outside of the League).



Head of the League


Members Countries

Country Defence expenditures Defence expenditures % of GDP Defence expenditures USD per capita Deployable military forces
Flag of Azada Azada $2.408 billion 2.4% $130 25,000
Flag of Ixania Ixania $123.370 billion 1.73% $868 250,500
Flag of Kuroshima Kuroshima $33.220 billion 3.1% $973 88,000
Flag of Naqistan Naqistan $2.752 billion 3.4% $184 42,800
Flag of Wushan Wushan $59.492 billion 9.3% $3,223 63,400

Military Operations


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