Lecrotia Airlines
Lecrotia Airlines New logo
Founded June 17, 2005
Hubs Castelmagno International Airport
Cagliari-Elmas Airport
Secondary hubs Rome-Fiumicino Airport
Frequent flyer program LAccess
Alliance SkyTeam
Fleet size 113
Company slogan What's your destination?
Headquarters Castelmagno
Key people Filippo Rizzoli (CEO)

Lecrotia Airlines is the Lecrotian flag carrier and a major airline in Lecrotia, founded by the Lecrotian government in 2005.



Lecrotia Airlines flights travel to most nations on Earth. Flight tickets generally cost between Lƒ50 and Lƒ100 for domestic, Lƒ150 to Lƒ300 continental and up to Lƒ750 international.

Cities Domestic

Cities Continental

  • Flag of Italy Rome
  • Flag of Italy Naples
  • Flag of Italy Cagliari
  • Flag of Italy Milan
  • Flag of Croatia Zagreb
  • Flag of France Paris
  • Flag of France Marseille
  • Flag of Germany Berlin
  • Flag of Germany Munich
  • Flag of Switzerland Zurich
  • Flag of Poland Warsaw
  • Flag of the Czech Republic Prague
  • Flag of Russia Moscow
  • Flag of the United Kingdom London
  • Flag of Ireland Dublin
  • Flag of the Netherlands Amsterdam
  • Flag of Norway Oslo
  • Flag of Norway Hammerfest
  • Flag of Sweden Stockholm
  • Flag of Denmark Copenhagen
  • Flag of Finland Helsinki
  • Flag of Latvia Rīga
  • Flag of Greece Athens
  • Flag of Greece Thessaloniki
  • Flag of Turkey Istanbul

Cities International

  • Flag of the United States New York
  • Flag of the United States Boston
  • Flag of the United States Seattle
  • Flag of the United States Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Flag of the United States Miami
  • Flag of the United States Los Angeles
  • Flag of Algeria Algeri
  • Flag of Brazil Rio de Janeiro
  • Flag of Brazil Belém
  • Flag of Brazil Porto Alegre
  • Flag of Argentina Buenos Aires-Ministro Pistarini
  • Flag of Argentina Rawson
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China Beijing
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China Shangai
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China Guangzhou
  • Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong
  • Flag of Macau Macau
  • Flag of South Africa Cape Town
  • Flag of Kenya Nairobi
  • Flag of Tanzania Dodoma
  • Flag of Thailand Bangkok
  • Flag of Vietnam Hanoi
  • Flag of Australia Sydney
  • Flag of Canada Toronto
  • Flag of Canada Montréal
  • Flag of India New Delhi
  • Flag of Japan Tokyo

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