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Lecrotia presidential election, 2012
23 September - 28 September
Nominee Giorgio Sabattini Gianfranco Lighi Fabio Giannini
Party Democratic Conservative Christian
Running mate Roberto Muranni Alcide Fricchi Gregorio Conca
Percentage 34% 27.4% 12.3%

Previous President
Filippo Manfrin

Giorgio Sabattini

Lecrotia 2012 Election depliants

Depliants used for the elections.

The 30th presidential election of Lecrotia was held between 23 September and 28 September 2012, after Filippo Manfrin's term expired. The three runners for president were Giorgio Sabattini from the Democratic Party, Gianfranco Lighi, manager of Lighi Industries and candidate from the Conservative Party and Fabio Giannini from the Christian Party.

Democratic Candidate election

Candidate Running mate Votes %
Giorgio Sabattini
Giorgio Sabattini
Roberto Muranni
Roberto Muranni
373,557 51.0
Sigmund Fruaznen
Sigmund Früaznen
Çahäm Bërgsonen 197,765 27.0
Gianmaria Verzi Fabrizio De Villini 109,870 15.0
Francesco Gospi Carlo Sincin 60,795 8.3
Giorgio La Britona Federico Zurroni 5,127 0.7


Party Coalition Leader Running mate Votes %
Democratic Party of Lecrotia Democratic Party (Partito Democratico) Casa della Giustizia Giorgio Sabattini Roberto Muranni 747,114 34
Lecrotian Conservative Party Logo Conservative Party (Partito Conservatore) Per Lecrozia Gianfranco Lighi Alcide Fricchi 602,086 27.4
Christian Party of Lecrotia Christian Party (Partito Cristiano) Per Lecrozia Fabio Giannini Gregorio Conca 270,279 12.3
Green Party of Lecrotia Green Party (Partito Verde) Casa della Giustizia Jacopo Mastrosangiovanni Lello Scranti 158,211 7,2
Communist Party of Lecrotia Communist Party (Partito Comunista) Casa della Giustizia Oreste Grossoni Luca Betello 149,600 4.1

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