Lecrotian First Florin
Primo Fiorino
ISO 4217 code LEF
User(s) Flag of Lecrotia Lecrotia
1/4th shilling (§)
1/8th shield ($)
1/42th crown (₡)
1/126th thaler (t.)
1/504th hammer (m.)
Symbol ƒ
Coins 1m., 2m., 1t., 2t., 1₡, 2₡, 1/2$, 1$, 1§, 1/2 1ƒ
Banknotes 5ƒ, 10ƒ, 50ƒ, 100ƒ
[[Wikipedia:|]] National Bank of Lecrotia
Printer National Bank of Lecrotia

The First Florin (symbol: Lƒ; ISO code: LEF) was the currency of the Republic of Lecrotia from 1794 to 1952, when it was decimalized and substitued by the Second Florin.

The decimal separator was a dot. Example: 33ƒ.1$.2§.1₡.2t.3m.


  • One florin was divided into 4 scellini (shillings; 1§=0,25).
  • One shilling was divided into 2 scudi (shields). (1 shield=1/8 of a florin; 1$=Lƒ0,125)
  • One shield was divided into 6 corone (crowns). (1 crown=1/42 of a florin; 1₡=Lƒ~0,023)
  • One crown was divided into 3 talleri (thalers). (1 thaler=1/126 of a florin; 1t.=Lƒ~0,008)
  • One thaler was divided into 4 martelli (hammers). (1 hammer=1/504 of a florin; 1m.=Lƒ~0,002)

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