Lecrotian Florin
Secondo Fiorino
Twäżä Fjören
20 Lecrotian Florins Note, Second Series 1 Lecrotian Florin Coin
20 Florins Note 1 Florin Coin
ISO 4217 code LEF
User(s) Flag of Lecrotia Lecrotia
1/100th Centesimo (₠)
Coins ₠5, ₠10, ₠20, ₠50, Lƒ1
Banknotes Lƒ5, Lƒ10, Lƒ20, Lƒ50, Lƒ100
[[Wikipedia:|]] Ministry of Finance
Printer National Bank of Lecrotia

The Second Florin (symbol: Lƒ; ISO code: LEF) is the official currency of the Republic of Lecrotia. The florin is subdivided into 100 centesimi. It was introduced in 1952 to susbistute the non-decimal First Florin. When florins and centesimi are used together, the "Lƒ" symbol is indicated before the number and the "₠" symbol is dropped. For example, 50 florins and 32 centesimi is written as Lƒ50,32. Where a comma would be used in English with dollars, a dot is used with florins. For example, one thousand dollars is written as $1,000 but one thousand florins is written as Lƒ1.000.

In 2006, with the Second Series being introduced, the Lƒ200 and Lƒ500 banknotes have been recalled, but they are still legal tender until 2018.

On August 24th, 2014, the National Bank of Lecrotia decided to not issue the ₠1 and ₠2 coins anymore.


First Series (1989)

Second Series (2006)

A partial restyle has been done, while the Lƒ200 and Lƒ500 notes have been recalled.

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