Lecrotian Holy Church
Lekrôtzjali Ħoolig Kirskiää
Lecrotian Cross
Classification Catholicism
Theology Lib. Christianity
Polity Federalist
Governance Clerical
Moderator Nk. Jáalo Metzanen
Associations None
Geographical areas Republic of Lecrotia
Headquarters Garmino, Lecrotia
Founder Ethelbert of Garmino
Origin 1542
Garmino, Lecrotia
Separated from Catholic Church
Members 131,841
Temples 6
Hospitals 150
Nursing homes 26
Primary schools 55
Secondary schools 13
Tax status Bound
Tertiary institutions 2
Other name(s) Church of Lecrotia
Official website http://chiesadilecrozia.lo

The Lecrotian Holy Church, also called Lecrotian Catholic Church and, informally, Tinkietist Church, is a branch of the Catholic church.


Castelmagno Mandate

  • Castelmagno Diocese (Directed by ÖNk.[1] Adolf Jalaanen)
  • Gradaro Diocese (Directed by ÖNk. Antelias Valterinen)

Garmino Mandate

  • Garmino Diocese (Directed by Nk. Jáalo Metzanen)
  • Fjodelđorpf Diocese (Directed by ÖNk. Eerstä Luutanen)

Ghlainn Mandate

  • Caislán Diocese (Directed by ÖNk. Baptišt Pikkinen)
  • Stridello Diocese (Directed by ÖNk. Maatjas Tokanen)
  • Viribo Diocese (Directed by ÖNk. Valter Vöksönen)

Salania-Torreforte Mandate

  • Baretta Diocese (Directed by ÖNk. Ömbert Biritalen)
  • Ianussia Diocese (DIrected by ÖNk. Marssi Gešenen)


  1. The Önter-Nuikkanii (ÖNk.) has a bishop-like role in the Tinkietist Church.

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