Lee Phong
Lee-Phong at ASA Embassy, binawa, July 2011

28th President of Chiangari
In office
Preceded by Jura Putrajaya
Succeeded by In Office
Spouse Husband - Ise Tieng Phong
Children Daughter - Mai Phong
Son- Zeng Phong


29 May 1975(age 36)

Ngati, Chiangari

Residence Yangtilli
Profession Politics, Economics, Computer Technology, Business
Religion Theravada Buddhist
Languages Chianga, English, Chinese

Lee Phong(Chiang:กษณ์ ชินวัตร) is a Chiangarian business woman, member of the Chao Pheu Party, and is the 28th President of Chiangari. She went to Adamen University and majored in Politics, Technology, and Business. She was born in Ngati, Chiangari, the capital of Aichia.

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