Lehendakaritza Logo 01
Agency overview
Formed 2000
Jurisdiction Lehendakari
Headquarters Ajuria Enea Palace, Gasteiz, Euskadi
Employees 210
Minister responsible Arantxa Mendizabal Arrate
Agency executive Karlos Susaeta Alonso, Secretary of the Lehendakaritza

The Lehendakaritza is a political and bureaucratic office that assists the Lehendakari in the leadership of the Eusko Jaurlaritza. It has since 2010 been led by Lehendakari Arantxa Mendizabal Arrate (EAJ), deputized by nine state secretaries. The office has about 210 employees.


Since the establishment of the first Euskadi government, in 1936, the Lehendakari has had secretaries and advisors to help him/her with tasks, though these were not collectively assigned to an office until the constitutional amendments in 2000.


The Lehendakaritza is the central office of the Lehendakari. It is charged with preparing, carrying out and following the Lehendakari agenda. The office assists the Lehendakari in leading and coordinating the work of the Government, also by preparing, carrying out and following up government conferences.

The office maintains formal contact with the Eusko Jaurlaritza and the Eusko Legebiltzarra.


Current issues

Past issues

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