The House of Lein started its rise to power as one of many feudal lords granted fiefs by the Emperors of the Nar Dynasty; while they would end up toppling their masters, the Lein family nonetheless gained a great reputation as skilled defenders and supporters of the Empire throughout its tenure; the placement of their fief in the northern plains, facing both the nomads of the east and the numerous hostile kingdoms and states of the west, also helped it in this sense.

The Lein fief was granted to Lein Asuteni berBasan in Nar 14 by Emperor Nar Nogul berEvison, for services rendered as a general during a campaign against rebel forces in the south of the Empire. After him the Lein would rule their fief until the end of the Dynasty, with frequent expansions from conquest and from rewards in victory. This is a list of the rulers of the Lein fief from Nar 14 onwards.

Lein Asuteni berBasan

Lifetime: Naza 103 - Nar 25 (41 years)

Tenure: Nar 14 - Nar 25

Lein Hisaba berAsuteni

Lifetime: Nar 2 - Nar 38 (36 years)

Tenure: Nar 25 - Nar 38

Lein Namito berHisaba

Lifetime: Nar 26 - Nar 82 (46 years)

Tenure: Nar 38 - Nar 82

Lein Verasur berNamito

Lifetime: Nar 57 - Nar 96 (39 years)

Tenure: Nar 82 - Nar 96

Lein Iharas berVerasur

Lifetime: Nar 83 - Nar 104 (21 years)

Tenure: Nar 96 - Nar 104

Lein Hikas berNimisur

Lifetime: Nar 78 - Nar 120 (42 years)

Tenure: Nar 104 - Nar 120

Lein Durun berHikas

Lifetime: Nar 102 - Lein 16 (46 years)

Tenure: Nar 120 - Nar 132 (As Lord of the Lein Fief)

The last of the Lein Lords, Lein Durun inherited the fief at the age of 18 and immediately continued his father's war against the other feudal states, which would end only 12 years later with his coronation as the Emperor of the Lein Dynasty.

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