The Imperial Ministry of Justice (Itrani: Dasabo Varunaimi ne-i-Taitere, literally Grand Agency for Justice of the Empire) is one of the Six Ministries that form the core of the Lein government. As its title makes plain, this Ministry is in charge of most judicial and criminal processes within the Empire, including urban constabulary forces, investigations into crimes, judgement and trial, and ultimately punishment or execution.


As a Dasabo, or Ministry, this organisation is headed by a Susarte, or Minister, an appointment of the first rank. The ministry is in turn divided into Offices, or Sabonon, each handling different aspects of the judicial process:

  • Imperial Constabulary (Itrani: Vorasedun ne-i-Taitere), in charge of law enforcement in most cities, and in making arrests
  • Judicial Office (Itrani: Sabo Nivajimi), the central authority for all local judges, responsible for monitoring their judgements and informing area judiciaries of new changes in law
  • Office of Punishments and Executions (Itrani: Sabo Kusuraimi ase Gakaseimi), the central authority for recording punishments and for approving executions, in consultation with existing laws and with approval from the Emperor.
  • Office of Investigations (Itrani: Sabo Tenedeimi), the authority often required to investigate crimes of all sort, and sometimes also preventively; often working in secret, and in alliance with the infamous Samika of the Inner Court.

The Justice ministry is also extremely important to running the Empire because, at the hamlet and county levels of administration, the magistrates who are in charge of settling local disputes are considered as part of the Justice ministry.

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