Leonard Henry Hand (May 17, 1933 - September 5, 2007), was a Georgeland political figure, serving as Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of that country from 1992 until 1997. He also served as Ambassador to Saydney from 2001-2004 and as the first President of the Liberal Democratic Party of the United Islands (2004-05).


Hon. Leonard H. Hand

Before politics

Political career

Deputy PM


Diplomatic career

Hand was appointed Ambassador to Saydney in 2000. He served in Tasroco until 2004, where he established a strong personal friendship as well as a good working relationship with President Marc Emerson, relations remained strong between the two personally despite the cooling of the relationship between between the two Tasroco and Topstad.

LDP Presidency

Hand was the first President of the Liberal Democratic Party when it was founded in 2004. Hand was offered the presidency of the new party in order to avoid the Democrats from feeling marginalised in the new organisation. Hand resigned as ambassador to take up the appointment. He did not run for a second term at the 2005 party conference.

Presidential speculation

Hand has been mentioned as a contender for the Georgeland presidential election, 2008. Hand will be almost 75 years old when the election is held. Hand has denied any interest in running for the Presidency. The Rhodes government considered Hand as a successor to Susan O'Byrne in 1999, but the opposition refused to accept Hand as a candidate, saying he would be to partisan to make an effective President. In November 2006, Hand declared he had no intention to be President.


Hand suffered a serious fall at his home in August 2007, and was seen to be recovering, though he broke his wrist and ankle. He was well enough to make a speech to the National Press Club on September 3. Two days later, Hand was rushed to hospital complaining of severe headaches. He died at Topstad General Hospital at 7:54 pm that evening. The cause of death was listed as a brain haemorrage, though doctors have not said if it related to his accident.

Preceded by
Bob Urman
Georgeland Foreign Minister
October 11, 1995 - August 7, 1997
Succeeded by
Andrea Perkins
Preceded by
Robin Hellier
Deputy Prime Minister of Georgeland
October 11, 1995 - August 7, 1997
Succeeded by
Andrea Perkins

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