Leopoldist Hammers

The Two Hammers are the most common symbol for Leopoldism

Leopoldism is political belief that was created by David Leopold and was also influenced by various political systems, including communism, socialism, and fascism. David Leopold envisioned a nationalist nation without classes, with the government controlling most of the economy. He spread his beliefs throughout the United Kingdom and held massive rallies in numerous British cities. Support grew nationwide and soon David Leopold began assembling Leopoldist militias to overthrow the UK. The militias soon assembled and attacked British military installations and loyalist cities, causing the weakening of the United Kingdom. During the Siege of London, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher secretly fled to the United States, and Queen Elizabeth II sat quietly in Windsor Castle. The militias, after defeating both the UK's and the US' forces during the siege, reached the castle and demanded Elizabeth II to abolish the monarchy. Once the monarchy was abolished, the United Kingdom fell to the Leopolists, and the first Leopoldist state was born.


Leopoldism grasps many aspects of political systems, specifically communism, socialism, and fascism. Many Leopoldists are nationalists and believe in superiority of their country, with Great Britain's government showing the foremost example. Leopoldism also calls for no classes, showing most of communism and socialism.

Leopoldist States

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