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--Bona al la encycla lorica.


Leypeople are people who work, or "farm", leys. As a general rule, they are commoners who don't understand the full importance of the leys they tend. Or rather, they know almost nothing about it, except that unusual species of faera thrive on these large plots of land, and that they are paid to tend to the leys.

Leypeople are mostly their own master, deciding for themselves which crops of faera to grow on their leys (these crops are mostly tessae but many are also derivae), and then selling them to agents of the guilds at market price. Some, especially those who cover leys closest to guild chapter houses, are under the direct employ of agents of one of the six guilds, as the guilds have the most voracious appetite for moieties and functional groups. The guilds also tend to have rather peculiar demands for what types of moieties they're interested in, and so contract with the leypeople for certain quantities of these products. A good number are under the employ of agents of mages who belong to any of the various realms of Lorica. Only a paltry few are under the employ of non-guild sects, and only the better established ones at that.

Leypeople make up 6% of the Lorican world population.

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