Liberal Democratic Party of Atlion
Lib Dem Party
Chairperson Frederick Kendal
Spokesperson Janet Juporter
Leader Barnaby Planton
Founded 17 March 1988
Preceded by Social Democratic Party
Headquarters Hollis House, Luminaire
Ideology Social Liberalism, Democracy
Official colours Green
The Liberal Democratic Party of Atlion (LDP) is one of the X major political parties of the Republic of Atlion, the LDP is a liberal and social democratic party, supporting wealth taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, cultural liberalism, and civil liberties, including LGBT and equal rights. Founded in 1988 after the fall of the Social Democratic Party. In 2010 Barnaby Planton was elected the leader of the party, which currently holds X number of seats out of X in the Senate of Atlion.


Beliefs and Standings

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