The Liberators are a collective which emerged in the early 21st century. They have been nicknamed “Neo-Unabombers” for their attack methods.


The group emerged as an offshoot of Anonymous. They usually only leave their residency to accumulate the supplies necessary to engage in their acts of terrorism. They fund themselves through e-commerce and their primary expense is their Internet access.


Their ideology adds upon the Anonymous ideology and advocates for the destruction of surveillance on private citizens by the government. Their attacks are simple yet elaborate bombs which usually are mailed to their targets, usually surveillance infrastructure or similar things. They demand an end to government restriction of their self-proclaimed rights. Their “organization” is self-assembling in a manner similar to Anonymous, meeting on impromptu chat rooms. Their operations and structure are very similar to Anonymous.

Their ideology and agenda is strengthened and fed by inadequate personal privacy protections, ubiquitous, little regulated surveillance practices, governmental reductions in civil liberties and increased repression of peaceful dissent and protest, and the corrupt politics, increasingly suspect election results, and certain policy and legislative changes in nations like the USA circa 2000 and later. Their organizational structure offers few of the weaknesses law enforcement and intelligence agencies could exploit in the crime and terrorist organizations of the past

As well, their central concept revolves around a particular idea which helps the threat to bypass obstacles and defenses like no other methods could before, an idea which prevents authorities from being able to substantially identify, destroy, or even significantly damage threat forces or their finances, let alone predict what such forces will do next, or where they will strike.

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