Liberian National Defense Force
Liberian soldiers standing at attention
Soldiers of the Liberian National Defense Force (LNDF)
Founded 22 June 1880
Current form 18 April 1908
Service branches Flag of the Liberian Army Liberian Army
Flag of the Liberian Navy Liberian Navy
Flag of the Liberian Air Force Liberian Air Force
Commander-in-Chief Siaka Kamara
Minister of Defense Tejan Kabbah
Chief of Defense Gen. Sahusi Diallo
Military age 18
Conscription Enforced
Available for
military service
1,683,371 males, age 16–49 (2012 est.),
1,617,458 females, age 16–49 (2012 est.)
Fit for
military service
1,590,795 males, age 16–49 (2012 est.),
1,584,337 females, age 16–49 (2012 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
62,230 males (2012 est.),
59,105 females (2012 est.)
Active personnel 117,197
Reserve personnel 378,000
Deployed personnel 14,678
Budget $11.197 billion
Percent of GDP 7.2%
Domestic suppliers Liberian Military Industries
Liberian Aerospace Industries
Liberian Weapons Industries
Monrovia Shipyards
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History Anglo-Liberian War (1881–1884)
The Liberian National Defence Force (LNDF) is the official military force of the Republic of Liberia, and the sole armed organization within the nation. Established in 1880 before the start of the Anglo-Liberian War (1881–1884), the LNDF was created to protect and enforce the laws and integrity of Liberia and its people. The LNDF currently consists of an army, navy, and air force, and has no jurisdiction within the civilian affairs of Liberia.