Libertarian Party
Chairperson Catarina Ortega
Founded May 4, 1967 (1967-05-04)
Headquarters 770 L St Ste 950, Sacramento SJ
Student wing College Libertarians of Sierra
Youth wing Young Libertarians of Sierra
Membership 10.6 million (2015)
Ideology Libertarianism
Lasseiz-faire free market
International affiliation Interlibertarian
Official colors      Gold
11 / 44
House of Commons
66 / 250

The Libertarian Party is one of the three largest political parties in the Kingdom of Sierra. Founded in 1967, the Libertarian Party quickly propelled into Sierran politics with its rapidly rising membership base. Since the 1990s, the Libertarian Party destroyed Sierra's historical two-party systemand replacing it with the present-day three-party system. While the party promotes and represents a wide range of schools and disciplines of libertarianism (notably excluding libertarian socialism and other left ideologies), officially, it promotes lasseiz-faire free markets and extensive civil liberties.


Party positions


Economic Policy

Social Policy

Foreign Policy

  • Maintain and reaffirm socioeconomic relations with those in the Pacific, Americas, and Europe
  • End and withdraw intervention in the Middle East and other regions
  • Reform Sierran foreign policy
    • End military entanglement with the United States and NATO
  • Support for self-determination
  • Support for Palestine and peaceful cooperation in the Israel–Palestinian peace process
  • Defend Sierran territory from countries especially Mexico

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