Liberty Rail
Type State-owned
Founded March 1, 1998
Headquarters Riverview Central Terminal, Mayflower, Pennsylvania, Liberty
Industry Mass transit
Products Department of Transportation
Parent State Office for Transportation
Website www.libertyrail.rl

Liberty Rail is the main passenger rail provider in the United Republic of Liberty. It was formed on March 1, 1998, as Amtrak began to remove its services from Liberty. Currently, it operates on 24 routes with over 100 different services. Most of Liberty Rail's trains are diesel powered General Electric P42DC locomotives, EMD F40PH-3C diesel locomotives, and electric powered Bombardier E40LH locomotives. Over two million people ride Liberty Rail every day, primarily between New York and Boston. Liberty Rail's headquarters is located in Riverview Central Terminal, near the Delaware River and the brand new Capital Corridor. Liberty Rail also operates Liberty Rail Cuba, which spans the island state of Cuba.


Following the formation of the Republic of Liberty in 1996, President Rick Dales soon realized it was now time to start distancing the nation away from US government funded services and now time to start creating new services. One major area was transportation, and in particular, rail transportation. Liberty rail was soon formed by the federal government to replace Amtrak once the handover was completed.