A political party in Greytown before the votes came the party's methods were not in full effect but in 1939 when a clash between two rival parties caused a party to combine. The French-speaking people formed it from a Socialist standpoint.


Formed in 1925 for the Worker's Party in Kyratovia then it came into full effect in 1939-1979 when the votes were not as popular as the New Party. Then it came back in 1995 first time in history the people were so relieved to see this party again.

Methods & Ethics

The party name means "free of committee" this means its ethics does not just have one committee but alot of them in the world.

Methods and ethics include:

  • Fair treatment of fellow citizens and migrants coming in.
  • Giving people the right to say what they feel without any fight or arguements.
  • Fair tax laws, domestic funds, and more financial support.

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