Linda Anne Cook
Linda Cook

1st Secretary of the Treasury of the Union of Everett
Preceded by None
Succeeded by Christina R. Rodriguez-Garcia
Siblings Brother

September 19, 1962
Residence Federal Correctional Institution Danbury, Connecticut
Profession Economics
Religion Scientology
Languages English, Spanish

Linda Anne Cook is a former Union of Everett Secretary of the Treasury who was impeached from office in 2007 after the Scientology Scandal. Cook was charged with Treason, Supplying Foreign Governments With Federal Data, Infiltration and Espionage following the discovery of her working for the Church of Scientology with the goal of infiltrating the federal government of the Union of Everett to steal economic information and impose Scientologist views and goals in government legislature. Cook was also found to be stealing data on the Union of Everett economy, treasury and Department of Commerce data and selling a stolen Ten Dollar Bill printing mold and ink formulas to printing United States currency and providing those to the Church of Scientology. Cook now remains incarcerated in Union of Everett federal prison for a life term. The result of her actions was the outlaw of the Church of Scientology from the Union of Everett and the revokation of Free Zone Scientology's tax-exempt status.

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