The Lisbon Conference is a large negotiation round being held by European Economic and Trade Alliance members in Lisbon. Spearheaded by Portugal and Europa, its aims are to create regional unity by forming the European Alliance, a supranational organization linking the nations in economic, financial, political and to a lesser extent military matters (an extension of the ETA). The United Kingdom has beforehand expressed reservations over this but has decided to attend.

The conference is being held in the Belém Cultural Center in Lisbon as is being attended by all members of the ETA.

Proposed points of the conference


  1. Creation of a European-level parliament to enact legislation pertaining to European affairs
  2. Creation of a European-level court to resolve issues between member states and to enforce
  3. Creation of a European-level police and security organization to work with national and regional police forces to prevent crime occurring in 1 or more member states


  1. The elimination of border control between member states to allow its citizens free travel across ETA borders, while at the same time tightening external borders
  2. Create a standard environmental policy to "greenify" industry and encourage the use of alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, fuel cells and BG100.


  • Aníbal António Cavaco Silva, President of Portugal: The Republic of Portugal welcomes all members of the European Economic and Trade Alliance to Lisbon and officially declares this conference open.

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