A list of Prime Ministers of Australia in the Casting Shadows universe.

Commonwealth of Australia

Born out of the federation of the Australian colonies in 1901, the Commonwealth of Australia was nominally governed by a group of Representatives and Senators who, as a single parliamentary body, drafted laws, passed actions and debated national policy amongst each other.

The head of state was de jure the Queen of Australia (as well as the other monarchical commonwealth realms), but her representative in the nation (the Governor-General) served as the de facto leader. The head of government on the other hand was the Prime Minister, elected by the leading government ministers within the nation's lower house to serve as Australia's chief representative in Parliament.

No. Prime Minister Term of office Party Electorate served Elections won
Tony Abbott - crop
Tony Abbott
18 September 2013 23 July 2021 Liberal National MP for Warringah, NSW,

Federal Republic of Australia

Following the Australian republic referendum in 2030, Australia became a federal republic, the position of Governor-General becoming that of the President of Australia. Under the new national republican model, the position of Prime Minister remained relatively unchanged, the only stipulation in the revised Australian Constitution being that the Prime Minister could now only be elected by Representatives in the lower house, and never instated or removed by the President (as the Governor-General once could do).

No. Prime Minister Term of office Party Electorate served Elections won
Tony Burke
23 July 2021 2 March 2038 Labor MP for Watson, NSW,
David Feeney
David Feeney
2 March 2038 16 March 2038 Labor MP for Batman, Vic,
Stephan Dawson Cropped
Stephan Dawson
16 March 2038 21 December 2038 Labor MP for Brand, WA,
Verity Barton
Verity Barton
21 December 2038 8 June 2040 Liberal National MP for Longman, Qld,

State of Australia

After the Australian Nationalist Party's rise to power in mid-2040, the position of Prime Minister became far more powerful, especially following passage of the Dissolution Acts. Andrew Burges, the leading politician in Australia during this time period established and built his position up over his 36 years in power, becoming the de facto head of state and government during the final decade of his life. Constitutional amendments in 2056 and 2066 ultimately established and reinforced the position of Prime Minister as only being able to be held by Nationalist Party members, their representatives in the (after 2051) unicameral parliament granted the power to elect their chief representative.

After Burge's death in 2076, the position swiftly lost most of its power as his successors divided the powers of the position amongst themselves, the office's capacity in regards to the implementation of law being erroded by the time of the Australian Opening.

No. Prime Minister Term of office Party Electorate served Elections won
Old Andrew Burges
Andrew Burges
8 June 2040 15 November 2076 Australian Nationalist MP for Cowper, NSW,
Russell Yancy Brown
Russell Brown
15 November 2076 16 August 2083 Australian Nationalist MP for Perth, WA,
John Banks
James Paker
16 August 2083 21 September 2087 Australian Nationalist MP for Fairfax, Qld,

Provisional Australia

Following the resignation of James Paker, Andrew Burges' son Brendan Burges was elected as leader of the ANP by the hardliner faction in an effort to roll back the reforms of his predecessor. However, the "Australian Opening" campaign that had begun under Paker was ultimately expanded by the Burges Ministry, the Prime Minister hailing the opening of a "provisional government" that would ultimately lead to complete democratisation of Australia. The powers of the Prime Minister during this period were decreased significantly, especially under Burge's successor, the moderate Howard Ruwolt.

No. Prime Minister Term of office Party Electorate served Elections won
36 Brendan Burges crop Brendan Burges
21 September 2087 14 July 2088 Australian Nationalist MP for Cowper, NSW,
37 Howard Ruwold Walking Crop Howard Ruwolt
14 July 2088 3 November 2091 Australian Nationalist MP for Kennedy, Qld,

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