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In Westland, a Collective (Westlandic: Kollektiv) is a publicly and state owned legal entities that are engaged in some form of economic activity. Collectives are prevelant in the nationalised industrial sectors of the Westlandic economy, and are not present in the Service Sector in which limited free enterprise is permitted.

Collectives are collectively owned by the workers of the given collective, however some are also owned by the state. Collectives  engage in activities that are generally undertaken by business-enterprises in capitalist systems, including the design, production, manufacture and distribution of producer and consumer goods and services however do not strive to create a profit or engage in marketing or buying and selling which is usually delegated to their subsidiary Enterprises. 

Types of Collectives

Collectives can be divided into three key types of organisation, these are;

  • Enterprise Collective (e.g telecommunications, transportation)
  • Industrial Collective (e.g natural resources, construction)
  • Production Collective (e.g automobiles, electronics)

List of Collectives

The following is a list of Westlandic Collectives 

Consumer Goods

  • Westland Automotive Group (military and civilian vehicles, trucks, buses) 
  • Westland General Production Collective (consumer products, appliances, electronics, textiles) 
  • Westland Specialist Production Collective (specialist items, tobacco, alcohol, marijuana)


  • Westland Aerospace Group (military and civilian aircraft)
  • Westland Construction Group (general construction)
  • Westland Locomotive and Rolling Stock Group (locomotives and rolling stock)

Materials and Resources

  • Westland General Industrial Collective (machinery, refining of natural resources)
  • Westland General Import and Export Group (import and export)
  • Westland Resources Industrial Collective (natural resources, oil, coal, metals)



  • Westland Trans-Ocean Shipping Group (global shipping)
  • Vastavia (flag carrier airline)