This is a list of the corporation that are affiliated with The Oppi

Name Description
Standard Shipyards Co. A company dedicated to construction space stations, ships and shipyards.
Bodyguards of the Oppi A mercenary company and a branch of the Frihtz Arms Manufactury.
Sharian Couriers Inc. A conglomerate business group for deliveries.
Hired Guns of the Twins A mercenary company based around the old War of Patriots.
Frihtz Arms Manufactury A company that sells weapons and armor, afilliated with the Bodyguards of the Oppi.
Kisun Production Co. A mixed business intended to sell heavy minerals for consumption in a starship engine.
Oppi Weapons Pty. A government-funded arms company.
Express Shipping Co. A delivery company that transports people, mail or bulk goods.
Specialists United A business of specialists for construction and colonisation.

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