The Christian Democrats - Christian democratic
Conservative Party of Georgeland - Conservative
Free Scoita Party - Isolationist/Pro-Scoitan independence/Christian democratic
Georgeland Alliance - Radical centre
Georgeland Communist Party - Communist
Green Party of Georgeland - Environmentalist
Legalise Cannabis Party - Pro-cannabis
Liberal Democratic Party of the United Islands - Liberal/Social Democratic
New Millenium Party - Technocratic/Liberal
Socialist Workers Party of Georgeland - Socialist
United Islands Freedom Party - Isolationist/Anti-immigration
United Islands Libertarian Party - Libertarian
United Islands Peace Party - Pacifist
Union Party of Georgeland - Social Democratic

Frivolous Parties

Birthday Party
Tea Party
The Official Silly Party of Georgeland

Former Parties

United Islands Labour Party - Social Democratic
United Islands Liberal Party- Liberal/Social Democratic
Democratic Party of the United Islands - Social Democratic
Georgeland Party - Radical centre

Proposed Parties

Red/Green Alliance (Socialist Green Party) - Socialist/Green

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