Government Ministries are Cabinet-level government departments, and have authority over the establishment and operations of Government Offices. 

  • Agriculture and Food Ministry 
  • Culture and Media Ministry
  • Defence and Public Security Ministry
  • Education Ministry
  • Energy and Climate Change Ministry
  • Foreign Affairs Ministry
  • Healthcare Ministry
  • Infrastructure and Transport Ministry
  • Industry and Finance Ministry
  • Interior Affairs Ministry
  • Justice and Enforcement Ministry
  • Resources and Environment Ministry
  • Work and Welfare Ministry


Agriculture and Food

  • Office of Food Distribution and Rationing
  • Office of Food Standards

Defence and Public Security


  • Office of Examinations 

Energy and Climate Change

  • Office of Climate Research
  • Office of Renewable Energies
  • Office of Utilities

Foreign Affairs

  • Office of Diplomacy


  • Office of Mental Health
  • Office of Physical Health

Infrastructure and Transport

  • Office of Motor Vehicles 
  • Office of Infrastructure

Industry and Finance

  • Office of Revenue and Customs

Interior Affairs 

Resources and Environment

  • Office of Environmental Protection
  • Office of Meteorological Information

Work and Welfare

  • Office of Labour
  • Office of Pensions and Welfare

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