This is the list of the United Kingdom of Great Paangoons' parliament officers, arranged according to tenure. Since 1 September 2313, The United Kingdom of Great Paangoon became an absolute monarchy state. The parliament was reformed into a new set called UKGP Imperial Ministry.

House of Faisers


House of Faisers Sigil


  1. Leader: The Hux of Airshisk
  2. Senior Minister of State: The Faiser of Trekton
  3. Minister of State: The Faiser of Bohhs
  4. Minister of Foreign Affairs: MHRC Matheffu I
  5. Minister of Faith and Communities: Pangther Adam Holyshed
  6. Minister of Trade and Investments: The Faiser of Wlov
  7. Captain of the HMMHRV: The Faisress of Starq
  8. Commercial Secretary to the Treasury: The Faiser of Skywolks
  9. Under-Secretary of Defense: The Faisress of Stormzrow
  10. Under-Secretary of Health Quality: The Faiser of Hum
  11. Under-Secretary of Welfare Reform: The Faisress of Turcrum
  12. Under-Secretary of Energy: The Faiser of Revillo
  13. Under-Secretary of Environment: The Faisress of Rednax
  14. Under-Secretary of Intellectual Property: The Faiser of Altav
  15. Under-Secretary of Culture: MHRC Tondu Tfinnger
  16. Under-Secretary of Education: The Faisress of Xanzader
  17. Advocate General for Shyatland: The Faiser of Tuseb
  18. Advocate General for Artan: The Faiser of Cazz
  19. Advocate General for Drojan: The Faisress of Kudran
  20. Advocate General for Ngato: The Faiser of Bungii
  21. Advocate General for Magran: The Faiser of Ekid

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