There have been 14 monarch of the Imperial Dynasty of Kalibara. The Imperial Dynasty of Kalibara was formed 15 April 1532, following the ascension of Nyasore I. Since then, the kingdom has existed for 480 years, ruled by the House of Kimaiyo since its inception, and there have been no known disputes of royal inheritence in the kingdom's history. The history of succession of the Lekimeju monarchs was and has been recorded thoroughly by the Imperial Librarians of Kalibara since the creation of that organization in 1548 by Nyasore I.

House of Kimaiyo

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Succession right
Nyasore I
15 April 1532 –
11 June 1567
Nyasore I of Kalibara (1532-1567) 4 October 1495
City-State of Mombasa
Parentage unknown
Njoki Kipkoech of Magharibi
29 Feburary 1537
7 children
15 June 1567
Palace of Dhahabu
aged 72
Monarchy established
Kenan I
1 August 1567 –
11 June 1603
Kenan I of Kalibara (1567-1603) 4 October 1544
Palace of Dhahabu
son of Nyasore I and Njoki Kipkoech of Magharibi
Loiyan Gikonyo of Axum
5 September 1562
5 children
7 December 1603
Outside of Harar, Ethiopia
aged 59
son of Nyasore I
Kenan II
11 June 1603 –
23 May 1644
Kenan II of Kalibara (1603-1644) 4 October 1580
Palace of Dhahabu
son of Kenan I and Loiyan Gikonyo of Axum
Lelo Bayo of Makazi
9 October 1601
15 children
2 November 1644
Kuumba Palace
aged 64
son of Kenan I
Osano I
23 May 1644 –
19 March 1678
Osano I of Kalibara (1644-1678) 4 October 1607
Kuumba Palace
son of Kenan II and Lelo Bayo of Makazi
Chanya Shah of Ujasiri
25 May 1638
11 children
2 November 1644
Kuumba Palace
aged 70
son of Kenan II

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