The following is a list of people who have served as Lord Mayor or Mayor of Santa Christina, known as Weston before 1911.

Lord Mayors of Weston

  • Sir Arthur Hayes 1877-1882
  • Sir Gordon Lovett 1882-1890
  • Sir Patrick Sharpe 1890-1895
  • Sir David Harris 1895-1902
  • Liam Norris 1902-1904
  • Sir Gerard Joyce (Conservative) 1904-1908
  • Peter Barrows (Protectionist) 1908-1912
  • Sir Gerard Joyce (Conservative) 1908-1910
  • Sir Michael Rawlings (Conservative) 1910-1911

Lord Mayors of Santa Christina

  • Sir Michael Rawlings (Conservative) 1911-1918
  • William Sawyer (Independent) 1918-1932
  • John Babcock (Labour) 1932-1940
  • George Garretty (Labour) 1940-1948

Mayors of Santa Christina

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