This is a list of the eight men and women that were Prime Ministers of Kobidar 1856 to the present.

List of Prime Ministers

Picture Name Term Notes
Oskar Bewflesson Òskar Bewflesson 1856-1892
  • First Prime Minister of Kobidar.
  • Only Prime Minister not elected by the Counsel.
Karl Karlsson Karl Karlsson 1892-1900
Margeirs Vagnsson Margeirs Vagnsson 1900-1926
Porvaldur Þorvaldur Sigfúsarsson 1926-1939
Petri Pétri Olgeirsson 1939-1943
  • Killed in World War 2 by Nazi troops while visiting occupied Denmark.
  • Only Prime Minister to die in office.
Ragnar Ragnar Daðason 1943-1967
Barb Barbara Friðgeirsdóttir
Robert armansson1 Róbert Ármannsson

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