The Prime Minister is the chief of government of the European Federation. The PM is the leader of the government in parliament and carries the most important charge in the country. There have been five different presidents since the formation of the post in 2008.


Name Portrait Term Political party
1 Lawrence Gonzi Lawrence Gonzi 1 January 2008- 24 August 2008 European Conservative Party
2 Ségolène Royal Segolene Royal 24 August 2008- 12 July 2009 Social Democrat Alliance
3 Lawrence Gonzi Lawrence Gonzi 12 July 2009- 10 January 2010 European Conservative Party
4 Lech Walesa Lech Walesa 10 January 2010- 9 March 2011 Labor and Workers Party
5 Dalia Grybauskaitė Dalia Grybauskaite 9 March 2011- 15 February 2012 Social Democrat Alliance
6 Angela Merkel Angela Merkel 15 February 2012- present Christian Democrats of Europe

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