Case name Citation Date Subject Decision
Lewis vs. Attorney General (Ministry of Justice) 09-1919 SC State liability. Armed robbery by standby duty police officer. The Ministry of Justice cannot be held liable in tort law for the conduct of police officers who are on standby duty. The officer himself, after being prosecuted, may be sued in his individual capacity.
Sidwell vs. Bekk 04-1931 SC Succession. Murdering the testator. Murdering or negligently causing the death of a person disqualifies the perpetrator from inheriting or drawing benefit from the estate of such person.
Mises vs. The Throne (In re: Mises vs. Laurane) 14-1962 SC Judicial liability. Consequences of judgment. The judiciary cannot be held liable in tort law for the (financial) consequences of a judgment.
The Throne vs. Marlow 11-1966 SC Homicide. "Malice aforethought" means acting with the intention to kill. This intention can be developed long before the actual act or mere seconds beforehand.
The Throne vs. Malak 06-1974 SC Therapeutic counselling privilege Therapists and psychologists have a duty to keep any information shared to them by their clients confidential, unless, specifically, the client threatens or plans to commit a violent crime or commit suicide.
Atkins vs. Geraldson 19-2001 SC Sex/gender changes. A person's gender (sex) cannot change, and that "undergoing an operation or procedure" to change "this natural way of being" goes against the national interest (in terms of Washingtonia being a Christian nation).
Schultz vs. Director (National Communications Intelligence Directorate) 12-2009 SC Wiretapping. No set precedent. The judge in the previous court did not act with bias, thus his ruling in favor of the specific wiretapping operation was legally sound.

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