This is a list about foreign ambassadors to Ardenjost as of July 1, 2006.

Also addresses of embassies mentioned.

Ambassadors only to Ardenjost

From Kallayan Valley

Cihelecan ambassador to Ardenjost: Hon. Masde Chagõnte Astilo, born 12 April 1951, male, Yoanzaran Christian. Embassy: Sonnokegaut 21, Ardenjost

Jõangrese ambassador to Ardenjost: Maráshu Mõléstexru Satrajiar, born 14 December 1969, female. Embassy: Lavagosegaut 105, Ardenjost

Lebufri ambassador to Ardenjost: Ran Kannasterf, born 2 July 1943, male. Embassy: Lavagosegaut 22, Ardenjost

Nilsyese ambassador to Ardenjost: Faristere Miner Segestor, born 26 March 1970, male. Embassy: Lavagosegaut 101, Ardenjost

Vemeiran ambassador to Ardenjost: Arna Gallea Detesse, born 22 March 1956, male. Embassy: Dafteskesegaut 3, Ardenjost

From Savonian Peninsulas

Cuopioan ambassador to Ardenjost: Enei Milli Haristie, born 15 October 1950, female. Embassy: Vuolgaut 8

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