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Afghanistan Ref ? ?
Australia Ref Dawn Ao ?
Canada Ref Shairose Kara ?
Chile Ref Juan Pablo Moreno Vera ?
China Ref Ngapoi Soinam Jigme ?
Colombia Ref Eduardo Aristizábal Ortega ?
Cuba Ref Graciela Lozano Bermúdez ?
France Ref ? ?
Germany Ref Friedrich Freimuth ?
Guyana Ref Sylvia Emanuel ?
India Ref Salvador D'Souza ?
Indonesia Ref ? ?
Iran Ref ? ?
Italy Ref ? ?
Japan Ref Shugo Raimon ?
Kazakhstan Ref Ermek Zhagalbaev ?
North Korea Ref Kang Yun-chol ?
Kyrgyzstan Ref Zamirbek Zholchiev ?
Mexico Ref Alejandro Moctezuma Ruiz ?
Myanmar Ref Aung Zaw Htet ?
New Zealand Ref Oliver Best ?
Philippines Ref Jonard Pagarao ?
Poland Ref Tadeusz Szczudło ?
Serbia Ref Zlatan Savić ?
Singapore Ref ? ?
Thailand Ref ? ?
United States Ref Georgia Sakuraba ?
Vietnam Ref ? ?

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