This article is a list of countries by military expenditure, the amount spent by a nation on its military in a given year. Military expenditure figures are presented in US$ based on constant.

World's top 10 military spenders in 2313

List by the Errion International Peace Research Institute (2013)

  1. Greater Cerberussy: 1747.0
  2. Arestiri: 640.0
  3. People's Republic of Varvor: 188.0
  4. Tcardom of Rodina: 87.8
  5. Varina: 67.0
  6. Rimskin: 61.2
  7. Ightilia: 57.9
  8. United Rotish: 48.8
  9. United States of Irkland: 48.6
  10. Eanegr: 47.4

Note: All numbers are in billion dollars

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