Largest country: Samtar, 589092 km²

Smallest country: Varanna, 34758 km²


Deepest: Sea of Kalla, -2053 metres

Tallest: Mountain of aPrenedhò (Teker ePrenedhò), Rabit (teRabiti), 4847 m


Warmest: Bastata, Cuopio, +9.4

Coldest: Mountain of aPrenedhò, -27.5 Celsius



Most dense population

  • Municipality: 7465/km², Wu Dibu Olbeaiu, Shalkanu
  • Country: 433/km², Varanna

Least dense population

  • Municipality: 0, several
  • Country: 2.48, Havant

Largest population

  • Metropolitan area: 5943000, Nardraia-Olbeaiu, Shalkanu
  • Country: 43980000, Lebuvre

Smallest population

  • Municipality: 0, several
  • Country: 267000, Verdere


Greatest GDP per capita: 341093 FIM, Ibseta

Greatest GDP: 14302 billion FIM, Ibseta

Smallest GDP per capita: 19807 FIM, Anduar

Smallest GDP: 5.89 billion FIM, Verdere

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